Qran Zhu

         Day Dream is a fashion film and series of photographs that use fashion as a means to escape daily routines and realities. Set in both a penthouse suite in downtown Toronto and the rugged landscape of the Scarborough Bluffs, the video is not a purely day nor solely dream. By jumping back and forth between the two, it depicts an intersectional state where fantasy and reality merge. 

         The video pivots around a set of key fashion items: an oversized sun hat by luxury French brand Jacquemus is the central piece for the dream sequence, and the reality sequences explore a handful of looks from local brand Quality Control. Focusing on one model/muse adds cohesiveness and continuity to the narrative, even though the story is somewhat abstract. This video and accompanying series of images is a depiction of fashion and fantasy as seen through the female gaze. 


Directed, shot & scored by Qran Zhu

Production assistance: Zoe Kachan & Jay Choi 

Model: The Lana

Edited by Mia Ines 

Day Dream - Short Film (temporary version)
Day Dream - Photos
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