Qran Zhu

Qran Zhu (Qiuran Zhu/朱秋然)

Qran Zhu is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist who recently graduated from Ryerson University, School of Image Arts and the BLACK HXOUSE program at HXOUSE. Having grown up both in China and Canada, her international experiences help her shape open minded, unique perspectives on reality and fantasy as she is known for the dreaminess within her work.

As a female director and photographer navigating in a male dominated industry, her work is often dedicated to showcasing different elements such as love, fashion, music, nature, spirituality and individuality through female gaze. As a truth seeker, her craft is her way of constantly finding and learning about connections between wisdom and art. Inspired by impressionism and surrealism, her artistry focuses on expressing energies and emotions, exploring conscious and unconscious realms of experience.

She is currently a participating member of the GirlGaze network. During earlier stage of her career, she worked as a member of the Blank Canvas Collective and provided many platforms for marginalized artists. 

For more information on Qran's work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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